Accountants for Landlords

Whilst being a landlord may be a great achievement, we understand that when it comes to arranging your accounts and tax affairs that this can add a lot of stress to your role. But do not fret, at Total Tax Solutions our experts are here to help.

Why as a landlord do, I need an accountant?

If you have a personal rental income, you are required to register for self-assessment and to complete annual tax returns. However, if you have a property portfolio, this is similar to running a Limited Company, meaning that this may have more of a tax-efficient structure rather than you personally owning properties.

You may also need some assistance when it comes to managing your various rental
accounts and filing expenses, as well when completing your tax returns and registrations.
At Total Tax Solutions, we can also help relive you of some other obligations, including:

  • Investment advice
  • SPV accounts
  • Capital Gains Tax

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